Halloween Spider Cookies

Here’s another creepy Halloween treat for you! These are a great sweet treat project to make with kids, because it’s only a few ingredients, and they are quick and easy!

I’d seen these on top of cupcakes in a Halloween magazine last year, and I thought they looked like something I might actually be able to make. Well, after whipping these up, I can say that anyone can make these look just as cute as a magazine photo shoot… with the right supplies.

Wyatt and I tried to make these last week, but I learned that all frostings (or glue as Wyatt called it) are not created equal. I could have made homemade frosting, but he seemed just as happy to listen to Halloween music and eat the supplies! At any rate, one more trip to the store later, we made these!

Halloween Spider Cookies Recipe

Meal type Dessert
Misc Child Friendly, Pre-preparable
Occasion Halloween


  • Halloween Oreos
  • Reeses Pieces
  • thin licorice (like)
  • chocolate frosting


Step 1
Here's the original lineup of ingredients I used.
Halloween Spider Cookie supplies
Step 2
The "cookie icing" was definitely the wrong choice for these.

As you can see, it's extremely loose.
the wrong frosting
Step 3
Wyatt didn't care in the least.

All he wanted to do was eat Twizzlers and Reeses Pieces anyway.
loving licorice
Step 4
On the other hand, I still wanted to make spiders. The next day I bought this cookie creme frosting and it worked great!
cookie creme frosting
Step 5
I also found the chocolate flavor much more pleasing than the other icing.

Anyway, now that I had the right "glue", it was time to start making some spiders!

I started by pulling apart some of the green licorice, and breaking it off into equal sized pieces. After making one with longer legs and another with shorter legs, I found that the shorter legs worked much better.
licorice pieces
Step 6
Grab an Oreo, and dollop two globs of frosting where you'd like his eyes to go.
spider cookie frosting
Step 7
Squish on a couple of conveniently colored Reeses Pieces, and BAM!

spider cookie eyes
Step 8
He's got eyes!

Now squirt a generous line of frosting along the side so that you'll have enough room for four legs.
spider cookie pre-legs
Step 9
I'll give you three guesses what comes next.
Halloween Spider Cookie
Step 10
That's right... spider legs.

Add four more on the other side, and all he needs now is a name.
Halloween Spider Cookie
Step 11
Ok so maybe don't name them, just eat them!
Halloween Spider Cookies
Step 12
And have a Happy Halloween!
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