Monster Sandwich Cookies

Monster Sandwich Cookies

Happy early Halloween!

We love this holiday, and I’m always trying to think of something fun and new (and usually sweet) to do with Wyatt for Halloween.

I have a recipe we worship in our house for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’d made a batch of these to share with you guys, and after I’d finished my photo shoot for the blog I thought, “Why stop there?” So Wyatt and I checked our pantry, and then made a trip to the store to get some extra candies and cans of frosting. I think he almost enjoyed shopping for supplies as much as he enjoyed making these!

Obviously you could use store bought cookies, and any given assortment of candies to make these. I really hope you try my chocolate chip recipe or even my Peanut Butter Cookies if you’ve got the time!

Please let me know if you come up with any other great ways to decorate these guys… I’d love to see what you come up with!

Monster Sandwich Cookies Recipe


Step 1
Here's the lineup: cookies (of course), colorful frosting, and candies!
Monster Cookie fixin's
Step 2
For the candies, I used a mix of candies, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

The marshmallows are the perfect base for eyeballs, and I love the chips for the teeth.
Step 3
I used canned frosting instead of making it from scratch. Knock yourself out if you've got the time and the powdered sugar.

For the green I used Duncan Hines frosting creations caramel flavored, along with some neon green coloring.
green caramel frosting in the making
Step 4
I had to use the whole tube of green, but I think I ended up with a nice eery green color.
green caramel frosting
Step 5
For the purple, I just used a can of regular vanilla frosting.

I didn't have to use the whole tube this time, but you can see it was still a pretty sizable blob.
purple food coloring gel in frosting
Step 6
I think it ended up a nice color, but use as much coloring gel as you like to get the results you like best.

I transferred both of the frostings to gallon sized ziploc bags.
purple frosting
Step 7
Snip the corner of the make-shift pastry bags, and you're ready to start sandwich making!
snip the corner of your pastry bag
Step 8
Surprisingly enough, these sandwiches begin with two cookies.
Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
Step 9
Flip one of those bad boys over, and put the tip of your frosting bag right on the cookie.
piping frosting onto cookies
Step 10
Fill up almost the whole cookie, moving side to side. Leave some empty space towards the back of the cookie so that it'll sit up at a slight angle. This will make it look like your monster's mouth is open!
frosting filled cookie
Step 11
Place the other cookie on top and apply a small blob of frosting to the front. I opted for the other color here... monsters aren't matchy matchy.

This will give your eyeballs somewhere to stick.
frosted chocolate chip cookies
Step 12
For the eyes, I used marshmallows with frosting and M&Ms.

Start by getting just a small dab of frosting with a toothpick, and smear it onto a mini mallow.
frosting marshmallow for eyeballs
Step 13
Then stick on a mini M&M, and...
marshmallow monster eye
Step 14
Bam! Eyeball.
one-eyed monster cookie
Step 15
To make bigger eyes, slice a full sized marshmallow in half.
sliced marshmallow
Step 16
On the non-sticky side smear another toothpick full of frosting, and smoosh in another M&M.
Monster Sandwich Cookie
Step 17
Pretty cute huh?

Now just a couple upside down chocolate chips, and you've got yourself a monster!
Monster Sandwich Cookie
Step 18
Here's a different one I made with Reeses Pieces teeth and equal sized eyes.
Monster Sandwich Cookie
Step 19
Wyatt even made one! I helped with piping the frosting, but he did everything else on his own.
making monster cookies
Step 20
I thought it ended up looking pretty awesome...
Monster Sandwich Cookie
Step 21
and so did he!
Wyatt's monster cookie
Step 22
Here's another one of mine with mini chocolate chip teeth, and jumbo Reeses eyes.
Monster Sandwich Cookie
Step 23
Wyatt really liked this one.

Monster Sandwich Cookie
Step 24
He kept calling him Mike Wazowski, which I found very funny and silly!

So here's the whole lineup...
Monster Sandwich Cookies
Step 25
These little guys are so cute!
Monster Sandwich Cookies
Step 26
Just let your imagination (and your kids' imaginations) run wild, and I'm sure you'll come up with tons of spooky ways to make these Halloween Monsters!
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