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The Colins
Kerry & Wyatt

My name is Kerry, and I love to eat!

I’ve basically spent my adult life with my days and nights revolving around food and my family. OK so as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m undeniably not a grown-up. But according to my doctor and my gray hairs, I do seem to be an “adult”.

The “family” part of that equation always has and always will come first. The Colin Family super team is comprised of: Brian (our fearless leader), me (the one who cooks), Wyatt (the only 5 year old I’ve ever met that qualifies as a Lego master builder), and Ruby (the newest yet spunkiest addition to the team). I honestly can’t say enough things about how awesome all three of my people are, but I also understand that most of you didn’t come here to read a million compliments about my family. Heck, most of you probably didn’t come here on purpose; you were searching for a hamster eating a tiny cobbler and now you’re stuck with me. Either way I’m glad you’re here!

As far as the food part of my equation goes, I cook every single day of my life! I do it for the love of cooking, to create, to inspire, to save money, and because I’m always hungry.

I’ve also spent the past eleven years working with food professionally. I learned how to cut and butcher meat at a small 60 year old butcher shop in Decatur, GA. From there I moved into a retail grocery setting and spent eight years as a meat cutter at Whole Foods Market Ponce.  Whole Foods was a great place to work; but last year when Ruby came along, I made the decision to leave. Since then I’ve been trying to keep Ruby from falling off furniture and finding a place for myself in Brian’s boutique agency Invisible Rocket. Brian and his business partner Russ have found the perfect niche for me as the “food lady”. I snatch up all the food & beverage related work that I can. From recipe development for major brands to editorial food copy or making clients Pinteresting, I have found a great place to showcase my passions for food, writing, and sharing.

Craving Cobbler is my special way of sharing my love of food with anyone who might be interested. Like a good southern lady (once again people who know me will laugh at the “lady” part) it isn’t enough just to make something delicious. I want to make something truly delicious and then share it with others, preferably with me watching them eat it. But since I can’t come into all of your homes and watch you eat my recipes like a total creepshow, I’m happy just to know that folks are out there trying (and hopefully enjoying) my food!

Thank you so much for stopping by!