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Brian’s Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

When I first moved down to Georgia (well over a decade ago) all I could talk about was ice cream. It didn’t matter where it was from, that was my dessert of choice. Somehow I had never been introduced to the southern staple of cobbler. It took one plate (really one bite) and I was […]

Tilapia with Sweet & Spicy Sesame Noodles Recipe

When I try to think of a quick meal to make everyone in the family happy, I usually end up with something Asian inspired. This recipe follows that trend. When cooking each element of the recipe separately it still comes together pretty quickly. Within minutes of the sauce starting to bubble, your kitchen will fill […]

Mrs. Alchemy Olivia Brisby has arrived

Brisby has officially become part of the family! I picked her up early Friday afternoon, and in no time all of our hearts melted. When Brisby and I went to go get Wyatt out of his bed Sunday morning, she was so excited to see him. I got to see her wag her tiny tail for the […]

Sticky Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe

Kerry and I love rice dishes. Wyatt loves them too, but for the wrong reason. The texture of the individual rice grains make him want to sprinkle them everywhere except his plate. Something about this shrimp fried rice recipe keeps Wyatt so focused on eating. He has absolutely no interest in doing anything other than […]

Crispy Fish Tacos

When Kerry and I first met, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t stuff into a tortilla and call it dinner. Flour tortillas are by far one of my favorite vehicles to get food into my mouth. Years have gone by, and now my tastes are a little more refined. The contents of that little flat bread […]

Quick & Easy Asparagus Frittata Recipe

The thing I love most about frittatas is that you can pretty much add anything you want to them. We tend to use a veggie and a fresh herb. Every now and then we’ll add in bacon or another savory meat. You can also mix up the cheese with whatever you have in the fridge. […]

Homemade Perogies inspired by my Grandmother

My birthday was just a couple of weeks ago and when Kerry asked what I wanted for dinner than night, I had my heart set on homemade perogies. As a child this dish was a delicacy that only graced my taste buds on the annual family adventure to my grandparents’ house in Ohio. There was […]

Mrs. Brisby the Corgi Puppy Week 4 Photos

Today we got photos of Mrs. Brisby now a 4 week old corgi puppy. She is really starting to look like the Corgi she is going to be. We showed Wyatt photos on the phone and when asked who that was he said “my puppy”. There are two photos below. To see more, head over […]