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Sriracha Bacon BLT

I just have to say that again: Sriracha Bacon BLT!! As my loyal followers will know, my latest recipe was Sriracha Bacon. This is, in it’s own right, a triumph. But you don’t just create Sriracha Bacon and then walk away. Oh no. You create Sriracha Bacon and then you spend your days (and sometimes nights) imagining […]

Sriracha Bacon

Sriracha Bacon is the way of the future. I realize that it’s not exactly front page news that Sriracha is the best hot sauce in the universe. The whole world knows that at this point. But what you might not realize is that Sriracha Bacon is the best bacon in the universe. Okay, so maybe I’m […]

Mocha Twix Brownies

Mocha Twix Brownies are not responsible. They don’t care about you, and I hate to say that they aren’t gonna leave you better off than when they found you. But I can promise you one thing: Mocha Twix Brownies are the best irresponsible thing you will ever do… that involves a brownie! These aren’t fancy. […]

Roasted Potatoes with Kale Pesto

These potatoes are so delicious you’ll forget that they’re good for you! A while back, my husband and I realized how much we love kale. It’s one of those veggies, like brussels sprouts, that were almost too scary to try. They seem ominous and a little bit threatening. I mean if they’re that good for you… how […]

Halloween Cupcakes

Happy Halloween… Now Let’s Make Cupcakes! My son Wyatt received some cupcake liners and decorations as a present for Halloween. So I did the only responsible thing that a level-headed mother would do… I planned a cupcake party and made tons of frosting! Ok so maybe “responsible” is a bit of a stretch, but at least […]

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

This is the only chocolate buttercream frosting recipe you’ll ever need! As anyone who knows me at all can tell you, I need little to no provocation for making sweets. So when my son received gummy eyeballs and orange striped cupcake liners from Grandma for Halloween, it took me all of two minutes to decide […]

Orange Buttercream Frosting

This orange buttercream frosting is sweet fluffy perfection! It’s actually close to Halloween, so of course we decided to have a Halloween cupcake party! I opted for boxed cake mix (which were actually yummy… it’d been awhile since I’d made a straight from mix cake, and both flavors were pretty damn tasty). It may sound […]

Pineapple Bread Pudding

This Pineapple Bread Pudding is the ultimate quick dessert… using only pantry staples. My mom has been nice enough to watch our new baby Ruby on Mondays and Tuesdays while I’m in the office with Brian. It’s a huge help to us, but she’s even taken it a step further. Every Monday we can count […]

Bacon Pasta

Creamy Bacon Pasta… what else can I really say? So basically this is my take on Pasta Carbonara. But people get so bent out of shape over what defines “carbonara” that I opted not to call it that. Peas – no peas, onions – no onions… honestly I don’t know what all the fuss is […]

Lemon Yogurt Cake

This lemon yogurt cake was an impulse the other day that ended with scrumptious results. Wyatt said we should make lemon cake. You should know that I am incredibly susceptible to dessert suggestions. So we pulled some cookbooks off the shelf, and one of us looked at cake recipes while the other one looked at nothing […]