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Cherry Vampire Bites

There’s something you should know about my mom. She’s absolutely gaga for Halloween! So am I for that matter. Which is largely due to being exposed to my mother’s battiness for Halloween growing up. Every year my family hosts a crazy party and haunted house. My mother attends with bells on (this could be literally […]

Carrabba’s Chicken Bryan Pasta

My sister Mandy introduced me to Carrabba’s years ago. Actually, it had to be over fifteen years ago…ouch! Our entire family took to Carrabba’s spin on traditional italian favorites and of course the warm bread with herb dip. It has become a standard for Mandy’s birthday dinners. As much as she likes to peruse the […]

Caramel Frosting Recipe

I have always loved caramel frosting. I’ve just been too intimidated by actually having to make caramel to make it. This frosting solves the problem for all of us scared of candy thermometers and soft ball stages. If you can melt butter you can make this frosting. In addition to being a wonderful finish to any […]

Peanut Butter Cookies

I love peanut butter cookies. It’s not like some random cookie I just met puppy love. I mean like if I had to pick one cookie to eat for the rest of my life love. We’re talking unswervingly commited cookie love. I love peanut butter cookies. Now that you grasp the full depths of my feelings here, […]

Juicy Asian Turkey Burgers

Everyone that I’ve told about this turkey burger has given me the same reaction. The nose turns up, and they say “Turkey burger?”. Let us try to move past the skepticism, and instead delight in the juiciness! Ok. I realize that the idea of a turkey burger isn’t as enticing as the idea of a […]

Onion Gravy Cubed Steak

Here in the south, cubed steak is just one of those dishes that everyone worships. It’s like fried chicken… I mean how can you not love it? Also like fried chicken, there are as many ways to make cubed steak as there are people ready to eat it. This is my go-to method that our […]

Turkey Chili

In Georgia, fall lasts about a month; sandwiched right between winter and a summer that lasts about five months. So as soon as there is the slightest nip in the air, we are ready for chilies, stews, and the like. Here is a healthy chili that is perfect for a quick fall dinner. It’s faster […]

Chicken Taco Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

Our family’s motto is “when in doubt, put it in a tortilla.” In an effort to lighten things up, we decided to take some of our favorite quesadilla & burrito fare and transform them into a tasty salad. One of the secrets to adding an extra layer of flavor is using curry powder in addition […]