Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookies

If you’re ever looking for a kid friendly cookie, then look no further than Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookies!

Just the sight of these makes my son, Wyatt, smile. Actually, these were his brainchild. We love to make cookies together. Our system goes a little something like this: I measure everything out, he uses a measuring cup to scoop and dump the pre-measured ingredients into the mixer, he grabs handfuls of dough and eats as much as he can, I let him do it several times then end up taking away his height a.k.a the dining room chair that raises him up to assistant baker level.

Months ago while we were making a batch of cookies, he wanted to dip them in sprinkles. I just knew that once in the oven they were going to melt all over the place and make a huge rainbow mess. But he can be very persuasive, so we tried it anyway. I couldn’t believe how perfectly cute they came out of the oven! It does freak me out a little, wondering what kind of crazy witchcraft or unnatural ingredients goes into making sprinkles… but not enough to ruin the fun of these cookies!

I’m sure that any kind of cookie dough would work with this method, but please try my Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies if you’ve got the time to make them!

Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookies Recipe


  • chocolate chip cookie dough (Try my Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!)
  • rainbow sprinkles


Step 1
Use a cookie scoop or a spoon to make a ball of your cookie dough. Any size works here from bite-sized to super duper (just be prepared to adjust your cooking time).
Step 2
Now plunk one side down right into your bowl of sprinkles.

Since I used a scoop, mine have a flat side. I plunk the dough with the flat side up to keep that side sprinkle free for the cookie sheet.
Step 3
Mush it around a bit until your happy with the sprinkle coverage, and voila!
Step 4
Sprinkled cookie dough!

Line the sprinkled balls up on a parchment lined cookie sheet leaving at least an inch and a half in between.
Step 5
For my Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies they will bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. That's for about ping pong sized balls of dough. If you've made bite-sized or super duper sized, make sure to adjust your size down or up accordingly.
Step 6
This is my son's favorite way to have chocolate chip cookies!
Step 7
Of course I love them too...
Step 8
so much that I took a million pictures of them!
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