Grape Soda Ice Cream Recipe

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Grape Soda Ice Cream Recipe


  • 4 12oz bottles of your favorite grape soda
  • 2 14oz cans of sweetened condensed milk


Step 1
I still can't believe this is all it takes to make deliciously creamy ice cream!
Step 2
Even though NuGrape has my heart, I had to buy a Nehi just for fun!
Step 3
Now on to the hard stuff. Crack open two cans of sweetened condensed milk.
Step 4
Pour the ooey gooey sweetness into a large bowl.
Step 5
Add in one of your sodas.
Step 6
Whisk the heck out of it until it's completely incorporated and bubbly.
Step 7
Whisk in the last three drinks,
Step 8
and recruit some extra help to give it a taste.
Step 9
I tried to make a similar ice cream on the Fourth of July and it totally didn't freeze. So I did a little research and found out that you shouldn't fill your ice cream maker all the way to the top.

Who knew?
Step 10
As you can see, I filled my two quart maker a little over 3/4 of the way full.
Step 11
This left me with exactly 3 1/2 cups of leftover ice cream mix. I poured it into a large thermos, and stored it in my fridge for another round of ice cream in my near future!

Now just attach the paddle and lid, switch it on, and watch the magic happen.
Step 12
Depending on your ice cream maker it could take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour. Just be on the lookout for when it thickens up like this.
Step 13
At this point it's technically ice cream, but it's very soft. Imagine the texture of a Wendy's frosty.

Feel free to dig in at this point!
Step 14
If you'd like your ice cream to be more scoop able, I suggest spooning the whole batch into a sealable container, and placing it in the freezer for several hours.
Step 15
Once it's finished setting up, you'll be left with a deliciously creamy ice cream that's easy to scoop and even easier to eat!