Mummy Hotdogs Recipe

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Mummy Hotdogs Recipe


  • 8 hotdogs
  • 8oz cans crescent seamless dough (or regular crescent rolls)
  • yellow mustard


Step 1
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Here's what you're workspace will need:
Step 2
the baking sheet you plan on using, a cutting board, the crescent dough, the hotdogs, and a pizza cutter.

Unroll your seamless dough. If you're using crescent roll dough roll it out just like this also.
Step 3
You want a big rectangle.

Now, using your pizza cutter, roll out thin strips of dough.
Step 4
At this point, it's pretty straight forward.

Have a helper wrap the dough strips around the dogs.
Step 5
My helper loved getting to touch everything, but instead of "mummies" we would have ended up with "tangled up spools of kite string".
Step 6
Maybe for another holiday.

Anyway, while he worked on his next one, I would fix his last one. I tried to get them all wrapped up with one open space left for the face.
Step 7
Pop mummies into your preheated oven, and 15-17 minutes later pull out these.
Step 8
Squirt some mustard (or your hotdog condiment of choice) into a small ziploc. Snip off a teeny tiny corner, and pipe on some little mummy faces like these.
Step 9
Pretty silly I know. But there you have it... Mummy Hotdogs!
Step 10
I hope your little helpers love them as much as mine did... he ate two!