Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookies Recipe

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Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookies Recipe


  • chocolate chip cookie dough (Try my Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!)
  • rainbow sprinkles


Step 1
Use a cookie scoop or a spoon to make a ball of your cookie dough. Any size works here from bite-sized to super duper (just be prepared to adjust your cooking time).
Step 2
Now plunk one side down right into your bowl of sprinkles.

Since I used a scoop, mine have a flat side. I plunk the dough with the flat side up to keep that side sprinkle free for the cookie sheet.
Step 3
Mush it around a bit until your happy with the sprinkle coverage, and voila!
Step 4
Sprinkled cookie dough!

Line the sprinkled balls up on a parchment lined cookie sheet leaving at least an inch and a half in between.
Step 5
For my Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies they will bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. That's for about ping pong sized balls of dough. If you've made bite-sized or super duper sized, make sure to adjust your size down or up accordingly.
Step 6
This is my son's favorite way to have chocolate chip cookies!
Step 7
Of course I love them too...
Step 8
so much that I took a million pictures of them!