Strawberry Jam Milk

Strawberry Jam Milk

In most other households, I’m sure this would be called “Jelly Milk”. My son Wyatt, however, has always called jelly “jam”. It’s “peanut butter and jam” or “eggs, toast and jam” that we hear every single day.

As much as Wyatt loves jam, I hate to waste any. When the jam jar gets to the point where I end up frustrated with sticky hands, I make Jam Milk. It’s totally a treat that Wyatt gets excited about. Apart from being delicious like a little milkshake, it’s special because it only happens at the end of the jar. I think strawberry is his favorite, but who knows? He’s had strawberry, grape, raspberry, blueberry, and even pear!

I promise your child will be waiting for the next one!

Strawberry Jam Milk


  • 1 almost empty jam jar
  • some milk
  • a child who loves to shake things


Step 1
This is a super complicated recipe. You need a basically finished off jar of jam and some milk.
Step 2
Pour in some milk. No need to fill it all the way up. Plus the less milk, the more strawberry flavor it'll end up with!
Step 3
Here's the before.
Step 4
Tighten back on the lid, and go to town with the shaking! Wyatt loves to help, so your child might like to get in on the action as well.
Step 5
Now you're left with a delicious frothy treat!
Step 6
Pour into your favorite sippy cup...
Step 7
And enjoy!

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  1. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    I just wound up here because I had the thought myself just now, and had to Google for peers to make sure I wasn’t crazy, haha! Guess I’m not! //31 year old


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